Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Game Modes

Posted by Administator on August 11, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Battlefield Hardline will feature new and unique game modes in Multiplayer when released.

1. Rescue - Rescue is one of two competitive modes, and it’s go-time for the fuzz. You’re a SWAT operative tasked with saving innocent lives from the hands of criminals. Lead your team carefully into dangerous hoods and get the hostages back to safety. Watch your step - there are no second chances in this mode


2. Hotwire - The criminals are trying to steal a list of marked cars while the cops are trying to repossess them. It’s pedal to the metal action as you jump into different rides to catch up with the enemy. And don’t forget you can bring a friend riding shotgun to take them down.

3. Blood Money - A huge pile of loot has been intercepted in transit. The criminals are fighting to snitch the cash, while the cops are trying to secure it as evidence. Then each team has to horde the money back to their vault – but it’s not always safe there. You can also raid the enemy team’s vault to help your team score the most dough.

4. Heist - Heist is all about pulling off that big job or that perfect score. The criminals are trying to infiltrate a cash-filled vault, and the cops must regulate them. Once the criminals break in, they have to nab two bags of cash and jam out with them back to each of the two base points.


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