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Posted by Administator on October 5, 2014 at 3:40 PM

A post posted to the /r/BF_Hardline subreddit, is being updated with new info that the poster will post when they get the chance. Below, I will post what has been posted thus far. 


  • There are golden camo's (that golden M16!!) (and silver/bronze)
  • ACE23 is back
  • Deagle is back!! (and gold) Named the bald deagle
  • You can choose what you place in the back of your car (Smaw's r[g's etc)
  • Gold motherfucking copcars
  • Radiochannels with music
  • Lots of swearing going on (Eat this fucking granade)
  • If you hit someone with the tracking dat he has a red outline (think like the BF4 killcam)
  • NOS seems near unlimited
  • There are new routes in the parking garage near the police spawn
  • FMG9 has that awesome flip animation
  • Lots of CTE stuff made it over to BFH, including the new hitreg
  • The stakeout is a new shotgun
  • Nicely detailed character models
  • SMAW has 1 rocket, RPG 3
  • Snipers are L96, .300 knockout, R700, Scout Elite,
  • Dmr's are PTR91, Saiga 308, Socom 16. SR25ECC
  • 870, Sawed off, SPAS 12, 37 Stakeout
  • Mp5K, FMG9, UZI, K10, M/45 (SwedishK), MPX, p90, UMP35
  • R0933, M16A3, AKM, G36C, AKS74U, M416, ACE23, SG553
  • CZ75. G17, 92FS, P226, Bald Eagle (Deagle), HK45C, M1911, .40 PRO



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