Battlefield Hardline Battlepacks

Posted by Administator on June 9, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Battlefield Hardline Release Date is October 21, 2014. Battlefield Hardline Battlepacks are going to be another feature in Battlefield Hardline. There will feature 5 seperate Battlepacks. These can also be obtained through ordering the Battlefield Hardline Deluxe.

  1. Versatility Battlepack
  2. Precision Battlepack
  3. Suppression Battlepack
  4. Three Gold Battlepack
  5. Ten Gold Battlepack
Now what does each Battlepack feature?

1. Versatility Battlepack - This is a reward built specifically for those who've pre-ordered the Standard Edition or go who go big with the Digital Deluxe Edition. It's also your chance to amp up your arsenal with a hugely versatile assault rifle. In addition, you'll get an XP boost and a unique camo skin for your weapons.

2. Precision Battlepack - You want accuracy? We’ll give you accuracy: Load up with this assault rifle and you’ll have a hard time missing your target. On top of that, you’ll get an XP boost and a unique camo skin for your weapons.

3. Suppression Battlepack - Never run out of ammo again. Okay, we exaggerate…but this Assault Rifle does has the largest magazine capacity. Plus get an XP boost and a unique camo skin for your weapons.

4. Three Gold Battlepack - Each week for three weeks you’ll get a Gold Battlepack. Each pack will have a random assortment of accessories, customization, and boosts. Some might even be rare!

5. Ten Gold Battlepack - For ten straight weeks you’ll get a Gold Battlepack which will unlock a random assortment of Battlefield Hardline goodies. You might even get a rare item or two.

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